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Our Heaven


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Movie: Our Heaven (literal title)
Revised romanization: Woorideului Cheonguk
Hangul: 우리들의 천국
Director: Nam Taek-Soo
Film began: September 24, 2012
Release Date: First half 2013
Production Company: Hong Film, Soo Film
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Troubled celebrity Choong Ui (Lee Hong Ki) gets into trouble with the law. Choong Ui is then forced to do volunteer work at a health-care facility for the terminally ill that is about to be closed down. While working at the hospice, Choong-Ui is able to come to terms with his own psychological wounds and, at the same time, help the patients to continue with their dreams.


Lee Hong Ki as Choong-Ui
Baek Jin Hee as terminally ill patient

Cd : asianwiki

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia Official Concert Photo

[Youtube] FTISLAND promote Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, 6 September 2011 – Galaxy Group, Proof Label and Tomato. M, the Co-Organizers of the ‘Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia’ today announced that its concert tickets will be going on public sale from 7th September 2011 onwards. The biggest Korean music sensation Malaysian has ever seen is scheduled on 24th September, 2011, 7pm at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

Hallyu fans are lucky to see a total of seven hottest Korean acts including GD&TOP (BIGBANG), Seungri (BIGBANG), Park Jung Min (SS501), FT Island, U-kiss, 4minute and Teen Top all at one time! This event will also mark the first time for members of U-kiss – Kevin and Dongho to partner in hosting such huge music event!

The concert tickets are priced at RM588(Rock Zone), RM438 & RM288(Numbered Seats) and RM138(Free Seating). The organizers are happy to reward customers with 10% discount on all seated ticket tiers and a special lucky draw session. Customers who purchase tickets from Galaxy office, Mid Valley City and Galaxy Ticket Counter, Plaza Sungei Wang only on the launch day, may stand a chance to walk away with limited edition celebrities’ merchandises, including BIGBANG official light sticks and etc. The lucky draw result will be announced on 9th September via Galaxy Group official facebook. Online ticket purchase will also be activated on 7th September via http://www.ticketcharge.com.my

For more information, please call Galaxy hotline 03-22822020 or visit http://www.galaxy.com.my.

FTIsland’s Lee Hongki lands in Korea in natural-chic style

FT Island Lee Hongki’s latest airport look is an eye-catcher.

On August 28th, Lee Hongki landed in Incheon International Airport from Japan. He had left Korea to shoot KBS 2TV’s Chooseok special drama ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ in Japan. Lee Hongki showed off a natural airport look wearing loafer-like sneakers.

In addition, Lee Hongki matched a graphic t-shirt with black chino pants, wore a cap of smilar tone and emphasized it with headphones. And to complete the look, Lee Hongki chose loafer-like suede sneakers.

Netizens are applauding Hongki’s airport look. “They are all very common items but Hongki makes them look unique,” said one netizen. “He is very stylish and looks good in anything,” said another netizen.

Lee Hongki stars in KBS 2TV’s Chooseok special drama as an aspiring artist, Minha, and collaborates with Japanese actress, Takashima Reiko. ‘Noriko, Goes to Seoul’ airs on September 10th.

(Take out with credit)
Reporter Park Ahreum at NEWSEN
English translator: DJ PRI (TUMBLR)

FTIsland to headline a charity concert in Canada

FT Island is headlining a concert in Canada.

On September third, FT Island will take part in <Concert for Japan> at Downsview Park in Toronto, Canada. <Concert for Japan> is a charity event to present hope to earthquake victims in Japan. All of the proceeds will also go to the aid organization.

FT Island has decided to take part in the event based on the concert’s goal. The band hopes to return the love they have received through music with music. They have already topped various charts and broke a number of records as a Korean band.

FT Island members are not hiding their excitement. “Now to North America! Everyone gather in Canada,” tweeted leader Choi Jonghun.

FT Island’s management FNC Music staff says FT Island’s schedule is pretty full already because the band is preparing for their new album. ”But after some adjustments, FT Island got to sign up for the event,” said the FNC Music staff. “They’ve been selected as the headliner for the two-day concert. So we got to check on FT Island’s global popularity.”

FT Island is the first international male artist to rank no.1 on the Oricon weekly chart with their debut album. They have successfully completed their national tour in Japan and held their final stage in Budokan. They held their concert in Korea on the 24th for the first time in two years, and plans to release a new album next month.

<Concert for Japan> is a two-day event featuring total of 18 teams. FT Island joins British artist Paul Oakenfold and Canadian band Abandon All Ships.

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Reporter Kim Sunghan at Sports Hankook
English translator: DJ PRI (TUMBLR)

FTIsland Lee Hongki starts shooting in Japan for ‘Noriko, Goes to Seoul’


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FT Island Lee Hongki is wrapping up the shooting for KBS Chooseok Special drama ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ He has finished shooting in Korea and has been shooting in Japan since the 26th.

Lee Hongki has been casted as the male lead in ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul.’ Hongki is already very popular as FT Island’s vocalist, and this time, he is taking on acting as a twenty-year old aspiring artist. It’s been told Hongki has been doing his best for every shoot even though he also had to perform at FT Island concerts.

Director Lee Kyowook said he is impressed with Hongki’s acting. “Lee Hongki has been doing his part not as a singer but as an actor,” he said.

Female lead actress Takashima Reiko also shared her thoughts on Lee Hongki. “I was a little nervous the first time I was shooting in Korea,” she said. “But Hongki’s fluent Japanese and mature sincerity helped me to quickly get comfortable.”

“Noriko, Goes to Seoul” is scheduled to air on Saturday, September 10th at 11:20 PM.

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Reporter Kang Heekyung at Unionpress
English translator: DJ PRI (TUMBLR)

[News] FTIsland concert ‘PLAY FT ISLAND’ closes its first night with success

Male Idol group FT Island has began their rock party in Korea this weekend.

According to FNC Music on the 21st, FT Island absolutely captivated the audience at their concert, ‘PLAY FT ISLAND 2011 IN SEOUL’ at Ax Korea on the 20th.

FT Island kicked off the concert with their recently released mini album’s title song ‘Hello Hello.’ After, they performed their hit songs such as ‘I’ll have you,’ and ‘Until your return,’ all of which drove their fans crazy with excitement.

At this concert, FT Island also presented a meaningful stage to Korean fans by performing not only their Korean songs but also Japanese titles including ‘Haruka,’ ‘Let it go,’ and ‘Flower Rock.’

And as to prove FT Island’s popularity abroad, there were fans who came from Japan, China, Thailand, and even Europe and North America.

FT Island members thanked their fans after the concert. “We prepared so much for this concert because it is our first one in Korea in about a year,” said the members. “We were so excited to see a full house,” they said.

FT Island will put on ‘PLAY FT ISLAND 2011 IN SEOUL’ for the second time on the 21st at the same place. Their second rock party will also celebrate the band’s rapper/guitarist Song Seunghyun’s birthday.

English translator: DJ PRI (TUMBLR)
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[NEWS] FT Island Lee Hongki returns as an actor in Korea

FT Island vocalist and actor Lee Hongki is coming back to Korean drama this fall.

Lee Hongki has recently been casted as the lead in KBS 2TV Chooseok (Thanksgiving) special drama ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ (Scripts written by Seo Jungmin.produced by Lee Kyowook). The drama is about a meeting between Noriko, a middle-aged K-Pop fan from Japan (Takashima Reiko) and Minha, an aspiring singer (Lee Hongki).

Then, Lee Hongki plans to continue acting in Korea.
Lee Hongki’s company member says Hongki has much potential as an actor. “He knows the basics already since he was a child actor,” said Hongki’s representative. “So many drama producers are offering him a role. Because he currently works both in Korea and Japan, Hongki plans to pick his next piece based on his schedule,” he said.
It’s been two years since Lee Hongki last appeared on a Korean drama. He last starred in SBS ‘You are beautiful,’ on which where he showed a stable performance. After, he was casted as the lead in a Japanese drama ‘Muscle Girl.’

Lee Hongki recently returned to Korea after completing a tour in Japan. He has been shooting ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ since early this month.

KBS drama department says they are impressed with Lee Hongki’s acting. “Lee Hongki is showing a more stable acting than before. He easily comes off as an aspiring singer because he already is one.”

‘Noriko, goes to Seoul,’ starring Lee Hongki, airs on September 11th.

Reporter: Ahn Jinyoung at Sports Hankook
Translation: DJ Pri (@Tumblr)
Please take full credit

[NEWS] FT Island kicks off Asia Tour with ‘Play! FT Island’ in Korea

Idol band FT Island is ready to play with their Korean fans.

On August 20th and 21st at Ax Korea in Seoul, FT Island puts on a concert ‘Play! FT Island,’ which kicks off their Asia tour.

At this concert, FT Island is determined to show off their new and improved skills from national tour in Japan.

From June 29th until July 29th, FT Island performed all across Japan in cities from Nagoya to Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka. They were the first Korean band to perform in Budokan, also known as Japan’s mecca for concerts.

FT Island says they are excited to reunite with their Korean fans. “We couldn’t meet with our Korean fans so often because we were in Japan for a long time,” said FT Island. “We hope to apologize to them through this concert,” they said. FT Island promises to display more polished performances and skills.

Source: Sports Hankook
Translation: DJ Pri (@Tumblr)
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[News] FTISLAND Lee Hongki takes the lead act with a famous Japanese actress

FT Island vocalist Lee Hongki (21) is starring in a drama with a famous Japanese actress Takashima Reiko (47).

Hongki and Reiko are casted in the lead roles in ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul,’ a 90 minute KBS Chooseok (Thanksgiving) special drama (Written by Seo Jungmin, Ahn Jooyoung, Produced by Lee Kyoyook). The drama hits the airwaves on September 11th.

‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ is about a Japanese K-pop fan Noriko (Takashima Reiko) and an aspiring singer Minha (Lee Hongki). They meet by chance and help eachother to recover family’s love.

The drama starts shooting in Korea on the 10th. After the 24th, it’ll be shot in Japan and be completed traveling between the two countries.

Maker Broad Storm spoke with Star News on the 10th. “This drama is flawless as a Hallyru content in all of Asia,” said the company staff. “This drama will stay away from the twocountry’s cultural or political relationship. Instead, it will focus on the mass public’s emotion, and create a common ground.”

The staff also added, “K-pop’s awe and a middle-aged woman’s concern about her family can also look pass the standard view on K-pop and stir a new approach.”

Lee Hongki is popular in both Korea and Japan. His meeting with ‘Japan’s Kim Misook,’ Takashima Reiko, is expected to attract the national and international audience alike.

Takashima Reiko is named a traditional Japanese beauty who looks gorgeous in kimono. Despite her age, she is still a very popular actress.

She starred in numerous movies including ‘Last Love,’ ‘Railways,’ and ‘Battleship Yamato.’ She also appeared in many dramas that were also re-made in Korea including ‘Man who can’t get married,’ and ‘I love you even after 10 years.’

According to the producers, Takashima Reiko can’t speak Korean but she agreed to join the cast after reviewing the drama production overview and synopsis.

Takashima Reiko is already showing her dedication for the drama. To play Noriko, who suffers from a serious illnessis on a diet while practcing her lines.

Lee Hongki is also extremely busy with his band activities. Yet the production staff says Hongki also agreed at once to join the crew after reviewing the synopsis.

Singer Maybee also stars in the drama as Takashima Reiko’s fanclub friend for their favorite K-POP star. Singer Kim Jungmin’s wife as well as former Japanese idol Tani Rumiko, and Kwangwon FC coach Choi Sungyong’s wife Abe Mihoko also join the cast. As a former actress, Abe Mihoko was active in the Japanese entertainment scene before her marriage.

“All three of them have a small role,” said the production staff. “But they easily accepted the casting offer because they really liked the plot.”

[Read drama info in here: https://notefromkaori.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/info-ftisland-lee-hongki-will-cast-a-new-drama-again/ ]

Reporter Kim Soojin in Star News
Translate by DJ Pri (TUMBLR)

FT Island’s Honggi watched the best scene in 넌 내게 반했어 (ep 14)

Finally, 넌 내게 반했어 reached in 14th episode. Did you watch it?? Even FT Island’s Hongki watched it too 🙂 애교. . . Yoonho snap it secretly? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Shinhye must be a happy person to see it ♡

This is one of my favourite scene in 넌 내게 반했어 (Heartstrings). There was too many cool expression in here. Watch it by yourselves to feel it! 🙂

Here the video

Video uploaded by Shinhye.net youtube
Photo uploaded by Song Yoonho (FTIsland’s manager)