FT Island vocalist Lee Hongki (21) is starring in a drama with a famous Japanese actress Takashima Reiko (47).

Hongki and Reiko are casted in the lead roles in ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul,’ a 90 minute KBS Chooseok (Thanksgiving) special drama (Written by Seo Jungmin, Ahn Jooyoung, Produced by Lee Kyoyook). The drama hits the airwaves on September 11th.

‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ is about a Japanese K-pop fan Noriko (Takashima Reiko) and an aspiring singer Minha (Lee Hongki). They meet by chance and help eachother to recover family’s love.

The drama starts shooting in Korea on the 10th. After the 24th, it’ll be shot in Japan and be completed traveling between the two countries.

Maker Broad Storm spoke with Star News on the 10th. “This drama is flawless as a Hallyru content in all of Asia,” said the company staff. “This drama will stay away from the twocountry’s cultural or political relationship. Instead, it will focus on the mass public’s emotion, and create a common ground.”

The staff also added, “K-pop’s awe and a middle-aged woman’s concern about her family can also look pass the standard view on K-pop and stir a new approach.”

Lee Hongki is popular in both Korea and Japan. His meeting with ‘Japan’s Kim Misook,’ Takashima Reiko, is expected to attract the national and international audience alike.

Takashima Reiko is named a traditional Japanese beauty who looks gorgeous in kimono. Despite her age, she is still a very popular actress.

She starred in numerous movies including ‘Last Love,’ ‘Railways,’ and ‘Battleship Yamato.’ She also appeared in many dramas that were also re-made in Korea including ‘Man who can’t get married,’ and ‘I love you even after 10 years.’

According to the producers, Takashima Reiko can’t speak Korean but she agreed to join the cast after reviewing the drama production overview and synopsis.

Takashima Reiko is already showing her dedication for the drama. To play Noriko, who suffers from a serious illnessis on a diet while practcing her lines.

Lee Hongki is also extremely busy with his band activities. Yet the production staff says Hongki also agreed at once to join the crew after reviewing the synopsis.

Singer Maybee also stars in the drama as Takashima Reiko’s fanclub friend for their favorite K-POP star. Singer Kim Jungmin’s wife as well as former Japanese idol Tani Rumiko, and Kwangwon FC coach Choi Sungyong’s wife Abe Mihoko also join the cast. As a former actress, Abe Mihoko was active in the Japanese entertainment scene before her marriage.

“All three of them have a small role,” said the production staff. “But they easily accepted the casting offer because they really liked the plot.”

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Reporter Kim Soojin in Star News
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