FT Island vocalist and actor Lee Hongki is coming back to Korean drama this fall.

Lee Hongki has recently been casted as the lead in KBS 2TV Chooseok (Thanksgiving) special drama ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ (Scripts written by Seo Jungmin.produced by Lee Kyowook). The drama is about a meeting between Noriko, a middle-aged K-Pop fan from Japan (Takashima Reiko) and Minha, an aspiring singer (Lee Hongki).

Then, Lee Hongki plans to continue acting in Korea.
Lee Hongki’s company member says Hongki has much potential as an actor. “He knows the basics already since he was a child actor,” said Hongki’s representative. “So many drama producers are offering him a role. Because he currently works both in Korea and Japan, Hongki plans to pick his next piece based on his schedule,” he said.
It’s been two years since Lee Hongki last appeared on a Korean drama. He last starred in SBS ‘You are beautiful,’ on which where he showed a stable performance. After, he was casted as the lead in a Japanese drama ‘Muscle Girl.’

Lee Hongki recently returned to Korea after completing a tour in Japan. He has been shooting ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ since early this month.

KBS drama department says they are impressed with Lee Hongki’s acting. “Lee Hongki is showing a more stable acting than before. He easily comes off as an aspiring singer because he already is one.”

‘Noriko, goes to Seoul,’ starring Lee Hongki, airs on September 11th.

Reporter: Ahn Jinyoung at Sports Hankook
Translation: DJ Pri (@Tumblr)
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