Who is Kaori!

音譜 Who is Kaori ??? 音譜


Nickname: Kaori / 카오리 / かおり
Profession: Student / Underground designer
Birthdate: 1988년 2월 2일 // 1988 02 02
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: O
Star sign: Aquarius
Family: Mom, Dad, 4 siblings
Hobby: play with photoshop, illustrator (all design stuff), listen to music, web surfing

Personal Twitter: http://twitter.com/kaori_style02

Info & update : http://twitter.com/FTIsland_malaya

– Global sharing: https://notefromkaori.wordpress.com/
– Personal blog : http://ameblo.jp/kaori-chan88/
– Seunghyun Oricon’s Translation : http://seunghyunblogtranslation.wordpress.com/
– Jaejin Ameblo Translation : http://ftjaejinameblotranslation.wordpress.com/

[NEW] Facebook:

音譜 What is “Note from Kaori” ?? 音譜

Note from Kaori is a place to write about my experiences in Malaysia.

Note from Kaori is a place to write about my Asian music fandoms especially FTIsland & Super Junior!

Note from Kaori is a place to write about whatever I want.

音譜 Note for today;

All update in this blog will be announce @FTIsland_malaya ‘s twitter.

ahh.. I hope you don’t get confuse with my personal twitter (  ̄っ ̄).. oh oh

can I just change from FTIsland_malaya’s twitter name to Note from Kaori??? it may confuse you tough =_=

~sigh~ nevermind x)

with love ドキドキ:



7 thoughts on “Who is Kaori!”

  1. teringin nak jumpa sis. love this blog so much …~~~~^_^

  2. suka sgt blog ni.. saya mmg suka ft island.
    suka kaori juga!!

  3. chocolatemaniac said:

    teringin nk jmpa kaori..minat sgt2 dgn f.t. island

  4. nossivip said:

    nice to meet you unnie.. 🙂 i’m novi 15 yers old~~^^i like your update and also your blog~~^^eheheh

  5. kyaa….im happy coz finally i found malaysian prims….

  6. Hi Kaori, I do like ft island too and I like your blog
    Salam dari Indonesia

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