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52 thoughts on “GuestBook ♥ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ”

  1. i really love your blog..
    you keep me updated with
    all your post!!!
    i really love FT island..
    nweiz.,thanks for your hard work..
    take care..

    • ♥ thanks abi..
      cause my FTI boys are really hard work too, so do I 🙂
      hope you always stay with FTI & support them..
      ah.. I need ur support too hehe
      kamsahamnida 🙂

  2. really love ur blog thx thx thx

    super THXXXXXXX

  3. I love your blog so much!
    You did a great job!

    And thanks for updating us with the latest news of the boys,

    By the way, I am planning to visit Seoul, if FT Island holds a concert there~ Hope they do so ..xdxdxd

    • Thanks Jojo *hugs* ♥
      I just wanna be a good Primadonna 🙂
      u r welcome, if you have something interesting while visiting Seoul, share with me ok? hehe.. wonder when I can fly to there 😦

  4. i love your blog^^
    i can see fti’s update from your blog A____A
    tysm 🙂

    • thanks Alifia 🙂 cause I’m a Primadonna keke~ but, not all my entries are about FT Island.. I will share what I love 🙂 include my diary & etc. Thanks to drop by here. ♥

      • yea, youre welcome XD
        This blog is very useful for those Primadonna XDD
        I want to recommend your blog on my blog as a blog that’s useful for the Primadonna XDD
        may I? kekeke

      • thanks to tag my blog on your own blog. 🙂 again I will say it, not all my entries are about FT Island.. I will share what I love include other Kpop, any issue, my diary & etc.

  5. multiplylovee said:

    hey! i love your blog! =D
    & thanks for updating your blog so frequently ^^
    continue the great work! =D
    thanks!! (=

  6. hi..i’m from ELFes’ Favourite []
    just dropping in your site..nice site..
    love it..

  7. Thanks for always sharing~

  8. jeremy^^ said:

    thank you so much for updating us!
    because of you i am always updated !! haha! love you! FTisland hwaiting!!

  9. \^o^/ thank u 4 everything ur post about FT Island.. I’m very” happy to find ur blog..

  10. Thanks to your hard doing>I’m really love Hongki and happy everytime to see your blog.:D

    • thanks to pay a visit too 🙂 glad to hear that u’ll be happy everytime to see my blog ^^ I’ll do the best I can to support our boy (^^)v

  11. Hongki Comel88 said:

    just wanna ask you here…don’t you have a scan for malay epop july edition…???
    I don’t have that magizine…because i’m out of peninsular malaysia during early week of july..
    and of course now it’s already sold out…
    I just want to know if there’s some news about our FT boyz…
    Can u help me…???

  12. hu…..really love your blog….cause….I am primadonna… sad….I hope you sell BND t-shirt….so that I can buy…and happy ever after….hehehehe……FTi HWAITING!!!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  13. thanx for all ur hard work, i like ur blog, and u keep me updated thanx very much .x

    • Dear Hungniim : Kamsahamnida! 🙂 maybe after this, there was a lil bit lack about the update ^^ like I said.. I will be busy to focus on my education.. Gomawo 😦

  14. hey… thank you for your blogs about ft island…. i am really a fan of ft island and this keeps me updated to ft island…..

    thanks!! 🙂

  15. of course i will still visit you, dear

  16. Hello, thanks for such awesome and fast updates about fti, ur blog’s really a sure thing to visit everyday for the latest scoop on those boys!:) could you please post about visiting faith&D entertainment in Facebook cos they’re intending to bring the boys into s’pore for a full-length concert and not many ppl know of their page yet so hope you would post about faith&D cos there’re so many loyal readers here everyday:) 감사미다!<3

  17. ftiaddicted said:

    really love your blog.

  18. hye,,i really like ur blog..very nice..thanx coz i really love ftisland especially lee hongki..i like kim heechul n jang geun suk too..anything i like all thing bout kpop article..

  19. amhara kim said:

    nice website !!!

    i love it .. ♥♥♥

  20. Visiting your blog for the first time, noticed it on a list below my own blog’s dashboard. I don’t really know anything about JPop or KPop, but music and writing interests me in general, so I thought I’d take a peek. Take a look at my own blog if writing interests you.

  21. Hi Kaori

    I found you from Twitter!
    Glad that I found u coz I love your blog and translation~~
    Plus I’m a big fan of FT Island~~
    I love their songs and Hongki is such an adorable person….
    I’ll be visiting ur page often….
    Big hugs ❤

  22. Hi!
    Thanks for the update on KPop esp on FTI! Really really appreciate it very much esp reading in English.

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  25. lilykee said:

    Hi, ur blog is really awesome, thank you very much for providing the latest info on Ft Island, my favourite band:>

  26. Hi, I just happened to stumble onto your blog and I love it! Thank you so much for talking about FT Island, they’re really underappreciated T_T looking forward to more updates, thanks! Bye~

  27. thx for posting ftisland’s lyrics 😀
    appreciate it a lot ! 😀

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