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FT Island Lee Hongki is wrapping up the shooting for KBS Chooseok Special drama ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul’ He has finished shooting in Korea and has been shooting in Japan since the 26th.

Lee Hongki has been casted as the male lead in ‘Noriko, goes to Seoul.’ Hongki is already very popular as FT Island’s vocalist, and this time, he is taking on acting as a twenty-year old aspiring artist. It’s been told Hongki has been doing his best for every shoot even though he also had to perform at FT Island concerts.

Director Lee Kyowook said he is impressed with Hongki’s acting. “Lee Hongki has been doing his part not as a singer but as an actor,” he said.

Female lead actress Takashima Reiko also shared her thoughts on Lee Hongki. “I was a little nervous the first time I was shooting in Korea,” she said. “But Hongki’s fluent Japanese and mature sincerity helped me to quickly get comfortable.”

“Noriko, Goes to Seoul” is scheduled to air on Saturday, September 10th at 11:20 PM.

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Reporter Kang Heekyung at Unionpress
English translator: DJ PRI (TUMBLR)