Idol band FT Island is ready to play with their Korean fans.

On August 20th and 21st at Ax Korea in Seoul, FT Island puts on a concert ‘Play! FT Island,’ which kicks off their Asia tour.

At this concert, FT Island is determined to show off their new and improved skills from national tour in Japan.

From June 29th until July 29th, FT Island performed all across Japan in cities from Nagoya to Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka. They were the first Korean band to perform in Budokan, also known as Japan’s mecca for concerts.

FT Island says they are excited to reunite with their Korean fans. “We couldn’t meet with our Korean fans so often because we were in Japan for a long time,” said FT Island. “We hope to apologize to them through this concert,” they said. FT Island promises to display more polished performances and skills.

Source: Sports Hankook
Translation: DJ Pri (@Tumblr)
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